Steering Committee

Filip Eftimov

Luis Querol

Jeffrey Allen

Bart Jacobs

Ivana Basta

Eduardo Nobile-Orazio

Yusuf Rajabally

Jean Christophe Antoine

Haruki Koike

The Steering Committee of INCbase oversees the project and decides on the use of collaborative data for studies. The current members of the Steering Committee are:

  • Filip Eftimov, the Netherlands (chair)
  • Luis Querol, Spain
  • Jeffrey Allen, United States
  • Bart Jacobs, the Netherlands
  • Ivana Basta, Serbia
  • Eduardo Nobile-Orazio, Italy
  • Yusuf Rajabally, United Kingdom
  • Jean Christophe Antoine, France
  • Haruki Koike, Japan

Executive committee:

  • Filip Eftimov, the Netherlands (chair)
  • Luis Querol, Spain¬†
  • Luuk Wieske, the Netherlands (coordinating investigator)